Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly does a Performance Coach help with?

    This is the most common question I receive. Many racers/athletes know they want help with their mental "game", but are not exactly sure what they need. At
 THE SECRETS OF SPEED  we teach specific mental skills to improve performance. First, we'll do an evaluation of yourself and your beliefs. Then we'll set up a mental training program (MTP)  for you to follow. We'll help you follow it, and continue to change it as needed. Plus we'll help you work on some weekly performance trouble shooting. The mental skills of sport psychology are the secrets that many elite and professional racers/athletes rely upon daily. Mental skills training has developed through years of research and provide the racer/athlete with tangible, concrete tools he or she can practice and implement.

What are some of the reasons that racres/athletes seek this type of training?

    This is the second most common question I hear. Racers/athletes have many different reasons for seeking out a performance coach. The most common areas of referral are: needing confidence and mental toughness, moving past a plateau, recovery from injury, fear of injury, transition to a new competitive level (amatuer to professional, etc.), learning how to relax, learning to manage and control emotions, anger and perfectionism, learning how to cope with setbacks, improving focus, and career transition from sport. Most of us have many different areas we are in question of, but donot know how to "fix" it or even know that it needs fixing. The "fix" is what we do for you.

How often do I meet  or talk with you?

    This question is challenging to answer because each racer/athlete is unique and has different needs. To start off we need to have at least one meeting in person (or by video phone services, Skype, etc.) which allows us to get to know each other, discuss your challenges and design a program specific to you. For the seriuos racer/athlete, I would suggest to work with them for at least 12 months or a complete season to get them familiar with some of the many programs available. Many racers/athletes continue on for years with their Mental Coach. I also suggest my students to return for regular "tune ups" and "refreshers" as you continue through your career, as an racer/athlete needs to hear this type of coaching from a coach, not themselves. This is why the top racers/athletes in the world still have their mental coaches helping them long after their success.

How much time does it take to do this type of training?

    Once we have your personal THE SECRETS OF SPEED   program set up just for you, you can work in your mental training and imagery with your other workouts or routines. I suggest twice a day, once in the early part of the day for 15-30 minutes and then once in the nighttime for another 15-30 minutes. I will work with you to show you what times of the day might work best for you, as we all have different schedules. The training and imagery programs are all something that I will set up for you and keep changing as needed on a frequent basis. This type of training really takes no time at all compared to what you can get out of it! 

How much does it cost?

    We have many different program options available, from the one-day one on one class to the racer/athlete that wants support throughout their entire season or career. You get a FREE proposal after we talk and see just what type of program might work best for you.  

Can I partner with you if I do not live near you?

    Yes, I regularly work with racers/athletes who live across the country. Telephone sessions, use of video phone services, and email help us communicate and implement your unique performance coaching plan. 

Can you offer support for other members of my team?

    Yes. If I am working with a racer/athlete, the people that are around him/her play a very important role in this type of training, so if needed, we would work with them too. The racer/athlete is the one that does most of the one-on-one training, but the surrounding team such as mechanics, moms & dads, girlfriends, teammates and whoever else is around you also needs to be a part of this.

How long does it take to see results?

    This is another very challenging question, as every racer/athlete is different, and as with anything in life, it depends on the amount of effort and committment the student puts into it. If a student is committed to this, then you can easily start to see results overnight! My thoughts are this; You must

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