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    THE SECRETS OF SPEED  Korner school was started with the thought of helping racers/athletes with the Mental side of competition. But after years of many people asking me questions about how or why I am able to be one of the very few ever in AMA Pro flattrack to be able to adapt to all track situations, such as groove tracks, cushion tracks, TT, shorttrack, 1/2 mile, & mile tracks, I finally decided to give them somewhere they could go to learn just that. Secrets of Korner Speed School.  One of the proudest moments of my racing career was when I won two GNC (Grand National Championship) AMA nationals on back to back nights, the first night being on a clay groove 1/2 mile, and the following night on a loose cushion style 1/2 mile. This might not seem tough to some, but at this level of competition, it was huge! They were two totally different types of track surfaces and conditions against the best flattrack racers in the world. One track was a slick hard pack clay groove where you had to use lots of finesse and the other was a wide open cushion style go for broke type of track with lots of traction. I was able to use my theory of "How to break a corner down", (the same theory we teach in our schools), and we came home with the wins on both nights.
   I have had the opportunity over the years to teach and coach riding/racing techniques at many schools and classes across the USA. Some schools were my own, while some were other teaching/school organizations. I've been fortunate to work with all types of racers/athletes, from Flattrack, Supercross,Motocross, Road Racing and just the weekend warrior. My students have ranged in age from 4years old up to the seasoned veteran, and they all have a couple things in common....... They all love to ride their bike, but the bottom line for all of them is, that they want to be the fastest one on any given day when they're out with their buddies! 
    One thing I have noticed from helping out at other teaching/school organizations, is that I have a different approach to teaching than most schools do. In flattrack racing, the race is usually won or lost in the corners, with Korner speed, that's just how it is. Sure a fast bike helps at times, but I've been involved in and witnessed many National level races that were won with a bike that I knew was slower than a competitors. That feat was usually always done with better Korner speed! Ooh yah, I'm pretty sure in my races that the Mental advantage I had helped out too! So anyways, I pretty much consider myself a "momentum" freak I guess you could say. By this, I mean that I put "momentum" into everything I do, whether driving a car around town, racing my bike or teaching at my schools. But momentum is not something that just automatically happens because you enter a corner faster than someone else, in fact it happens way before and after that part of a corner. I'll show you just how to get better "momentum" through the corner to build up your Korner
speed without having to turn that throttle wide open every time. Because if it was that easy, we'd all be doing that!
     There is a reason as to why many of the past and current World Champion and US Champion road racers came from a background of flattrack racing, and why most of them continue to practice it while being a professional road racer. Plus there are starting to be many National level supercross/motocross riders that ride flattrack for training to help them with Korner speed too. If you are a SX/MX rider and you are not practicing corner speed,Why not? Having good corner speed is huge in SX/MX riding & racing, as most of the riders are close to equal over a jump or obstacle, and the difference in
Korner speed can easily be the difference between first and second! I'm so confident that I can improve your Korner speed on the first day, that we will refund your money for the school, as we have lap timing transponders that we locate on corner sections, and if your time in a corner section does not improve within the first day in those sections, you get your money back!
      So if you feel that you are at a spot in your ability where you want to move your performance up to the "next level" with the Korner Speed school
, then give me a call or email, and let me show you some options on practice and school locations and packages. I promise you that we can improve your lap times and your Korner speed overnight and give you some great techniques to help you keep improving even after the school! I offer one-on-one coaching all the way up to group lessons, plus I will also travel to your location for lessons and schools. Let's have some FUN!, but at the same time, let's have fun going FASTER!

                          JOE KOPP
JOPP43@AOL.COM (509)-994-3613




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